I’ve lived in LA for one whole year! Time really flies! In this time, I’ve interned around the film music scene. Here’s what I’ve learned and what I think someone should know upon moving here:

1. No task is too small! Be prepared to do anything with a smile. If a task needs to be done, be glad that YOU are the person that gets the chance to do it.

2. Don’t waste time comparing your successes and milestones (particularly age-related/”years-since-graduating-college” ones) to anyone else.

3. You WILL make mistakes. Own up to them. Do your best to fix them. Don’t shove them under the rug.

4. Don’t bother with explaining your mistake if it’s going to waste someone else’s time. Just apologize, fix it, and move on.

5. I thought before my experiences here that I would be able to rise above the typical “stressful situations” in the industry that you hear about. I’m not impervious to stress, and neither are you. I’m a lot more anxious than I thought, actually. Learn ways to cope with anxiety and stress, or you’ll get chewed up and spit out by this business.

6. The world is so much bigger in Hollywood than you could ever imagine at first.

7. You’re not special. You’re not better than everyone else. No one will make exceptions for you because you’re you. A “meteoric rise” most likely isn’t happening. And that’s okay.

8. “I just don’t really like the tech stuff” is a pretty damn lame excuse. Music tech is simply an extension of your art; treat it like you would any other aspect of your craft.

9. It’s okay not to know everything. No one does.

10. While there may not be such a thing as a stupid question, there are questions that you should be able to figure out the answer to yourself. Showing others that you can answer at least some of your own questions makes the questions you DO ask more likely to be heard.

11. Get good at reading a room. Don’t insert yourself in conversations that you don’t belong in just to get “face time” with somebody.

12. Quality samples are not a replacement for quality composition, but having the proper tools to work can certainly help you.

13. You won’t feel your passion for the entertainment industry every single second of every single day.

14. Find ways to reinvigorate your energy for your craft. Step away for a bit if you have to.

15. There are big differences between fame, talent, and success. These things do not have to coincide with one another.

16. For your own sanity, recognize when you’ve made a victory. Live in that moment for a moment. Be proud of yourself. You’ll want to remember the feeling when you’ve faced a defeat.


I know a lot of these things have been said on the forum here before, and I’m so grateful to everyone for their advice and contributions in this last year. I can’t wait to see what my next year in Hollywood will hold!