I hate seeing composers ripped off

I HATE seeing composers ripped off. Hate it. Because I was painfully ripped off. I HATE seeing composers get bad advice or have bad teachers. Because I was given horrible advice. And had some teachers who had never gotten their own scoring gigs and would extol their ideas that scoring in Hollywood was bullshit. Because they were angry that they couldn’t make it.

It’s a huge part of why I started Perspective. A big part of the philosophy of Perspective is to take advice from those who’ve successfully done what you’re trying to do. I want deal-making advice and advice on how to get scoring work from Richard Kraft, who has successfully brokered hundreds (thousands?) of scoring deals and offers his advice here for free. I want composing advice from composers who have successfully scored lots of projects. I want the freedom to discuss the barriers that we come up against and to discuss strategies to deal with those barriers. I test out these ideas and see which ones work for me. Employing the advice here has been incredibly useful for me.

Whether you use Perspective for tech advice, advice on getting work, advice on how not to get ripped off, to brag on the “Whatcha Up To” thread, or just for a laugh now and then, Perspective is what you make it.

Thank you for letting Perspective be part of your journey!