I’ve got a short story for you all about something that happened to me today. I’m currently interning for a composer, and I was helping set up lunch for a work event. A well-respected higher-up from the industry was in attendance.

I made sure to take the time to set out the cutlery in a visually pleasing way. The person I mentioned above asked me if I had set them up this way. He said he was blown away by what I had done, and that something small like that tells him everything he needs to know about me.

I did not expect to verbally interact with this person at all at this event, as part of the job of an intern at times is to be a silent fly on the wall. I treated this simple task – setting up food – as an important one, and it ended in a small victory for me. At this stage in the game, though, no victory is too small. So let’s call it a big victory!

In short – for all of us newbies, and for anyone, really: treat everything you’re asked to do with great care. You never know who’s paying attention!