Hey gang. During my recent whirlwind UK/US book promotion tours I attended a couple of conferences where I got to chat with a LOT of people. I even got to do some mentoring about career and Music. A lot of the stuff that we regularly discuss here.

Throughout the mentoring and the book promotion, I was given a mountain of USB’s, CD’s and business cards with links from composer/songwriter hopefuls. I carried them with me all the way back to Europe and diligently listened to each and every demo/CD that I was given. Furthermore, I diligently wrote an email to EVERY one who handed me a demo and I commented on their music, again in a mentoring kind of way. Pointing out the positive and suggesting improvements where necessary. That happened on the first day I got back even though I was tired and jet lagged because I thought that people who eagerly handed out their music would look forward to some feedback sooner rather than later.

Two weeks later, NONE, of those people bothered to follow up on my email. None! not even a ‘thank you for listening’ or even a ‘you’re an a**hole’. One of my emails bounced back because the address did not exist any more-that was the only response I got! from someone who did not bother to include a correct email address.
I did NOT expect a box of chocolates from anyone of those 20+ people who I emailed but I feel that it’s unprofessional and it shows basic lack of decorum to ignore someone who spent precious time listening to a demo that he/she did not ask for in the first place! Possibly some of my emails got caught up in spam filters but…all of them?
It really makes me wonder how will those folks ever open any doors when clearly their business attitude works against them.