Composers putting reels together: here’s some really useful info you should take into consideration when making your reels.

Analytics data from ReelCrafter shows that the average time spent on a reel is around two minutes (data sampled from just over 35,000 sessions—or reel views). We (as composers) have always known it’s best to keep your demo reels short, and generally put your strongest material up front, but I don’t think we’ve had actual hard data on listening patterns until now.

I’m attaching another graph that shows session length by day, over the past year. There are a few spikes, topping out at 6:45, and some brief visits (8 seconds!), but many of the shorter sessions could be ReelCrafter customers opening their own links to make sure they look OK.

I find this to be pretty fascinating stuff! I might spend some time normalizing a bunch of this data later, and create a blog post that goes into more detail (like which days of the week or times of day have higher listening activity). Let me know if there’s any data in particular that would be useful to you.