Four years ago today I quit my job to work as a film composer. I though of sharing 10 tips that were valuable to me during those first years, which I received from different people and books. I hope you find them insightful, feel free to share some that have been helpful to you.

1. Be kind to people, they like to work with people they like
2. Network with people you like and understand artistically, not just because you think they’ll be successful
3. You start off your career without all the skills, a little impatient. If you want a great job you need rare and valuable skills to offer in return
4. You have to do huge volume work to get better, it takes everybody a while. Someday, your work will be as good as your ambitions
5. Make composing a daily habit, write something every day, even only a few bars
6. Productivity is not about time but about energy: sleep, food, exercise
7. Set yourself against yourself, the rest doesn’t matter
8. Stop thinking about what other people want to hear or you’ll block yourself
9. Success or failure is determined in your own mind
10. Never put a lot of pressure on your dreams, but always pursue them