A few months ago I witnessed a composer being bullied on the internet.  I was pissed and curious, so I reached out to him to offer my support.  I also volunteered to give him some gratis personal career coaching.  We spent a few hours of lovely time together in which I was able to discover he was a super talented composer AND as great as a person.  

Yesterday, I reached out for help on FaceBook for a fun, non-commercial project I am putting together looking for an editor.  Today my co-director called me to read a submission letter… from that composer!  It turns out he is also a profession video editor!  He said he would love to help out and pay back for the time and support I had given to him.

I turned to my wife who knew the whole backstory with this person and we started to cry together.  One act of kindness lead to another.  While I find it easy to get sucked into a vortex of fear, doubts and negativity (especially in our current world of heartbreak and craziness), it is nice to get those beautiful glimpses of the Universe coming together in completely wonderful and unexpected ways.