A key element I have noticed in highly successful media composers is that they are pretty resourceful.

These composers have figured out how they (or someone on their team) can research basic information that is easily available on the internet instead of asking others to find that information for them.

They know how to do basic Google searches, find information in Databases, view/listen to references on YouTube and other sources and use Searches in Social Media platforms.

Part of what makes them successful is that they value the time of others and save their “asks” for things they couldn’t just figure out for themselves with just a few minutes of “research.”

There are a number of factors that personally attract me to one composer over another.  One is their resourcefulness.

I admire it because it focuses our communications to “important”, not-easily-obtained matters.  And because I feel that it is an attribute that other professional people (including potential clients) would appreciate, too.