Whenever anyone asks for advice on whether to consider scoring a feature film or not, I tend to think the question is primarily directed to those with experience in scoring feature films.  I would think that group of people would draw on their own unique experiences to help point out pros and cons that could better inform someone trying to forge their way towards what they have already achieved.

Instead, I witness a flood of opinions and suggestions coming from a different group which is the number of people who have never scored a feature film themselves.  

Their current expertise in this specific field is in NOT scoring feature films.

While they may have experience and experience in other areas, they have not yet figured out for themselves how to get feature film work, negotiate terms and complete those jobs.  For them, everything about scoring feature films is currently hypothetical.  

While all perspectives have value, I tend to consider the source and weigh most heavily on those who have already achieved what I am looking for.