Someone turning 50 asked how hard it would be to launch a new career as a composer at that juncture of life.

The answer:


But not because of age.

It is because it is damn hard for ANYONE to launch a career as a composer.

That part is 99% of the challenge. The age thing might be 1% of it.

The biggest variables aren’t age but rather all the other factors that all up-and-coming composers must face including:

1. Willingness to hustle
2. Drive
3. Perseverance
4. Openness towards risk
5. Connections
6. Resourcefulness
7. Investment in one’s self
8. Fearlessness
9. Fierceness
10. Dedication
11. Thick skin
12. Willingness to face rejection
13. Taste
14. Ingenuity
15. Strong work ethic
16. Generosity
17. Doggedness
18. Magnetic personality
19. Conveying confidence
20. Experience
21. Talent

A 50 year old with most of these attributes has a far better shot at success than a 25 year old lacking them.