For all of you who is having a hard time with anything in your life today, I hope what I’m about to tell you gives you a bit of hope and determination to move forward. About 2 years ago, despite what it may have seemed like on social media, I was broke. I didn’t have any upcoming projects lined up and hit a rock bottom. Over 100k in debt and barely had any money to pay groceries. I had banked a lot of my time and money on a project that didn’t work out for reasons beyond my control and I felt hopeless. Soon after my luck turned with a text from Richard Kraft for a new game called Fortnite, and a few more wonderful opportunities followed after….I never took any of it for granted after having gone through what I have gone through. Also worth mentioning that I had to take care of 2 kids during all this… So this particular link I’m posting now is monumental. Life is beautiful, unexpected and proof that your heart and hard work will get noticed eventually. I’m grateful for everything that worked out in my life but even more grateful for the things that didn’t work out because they have taught me the most. ❤️