In my opinion, competition between scores/songs that were created to service their separate and individual films are kind of pointless and meaningless.

Each entry was made under completely different circumstances, using completely different ingredients to service completely different projects.

It’s like having a pie contest where no one was making the same type of pies to begin with. Then after those unrelated pies are served and eaten there is suddenly an arbitrary contest foisted upon them pitting one pie maker against the other…pie makers who didn’t even create their pies for the competition in the first place.

To make it even more random, arbitrary and unfair, these pies aren’t even the same type. Suddenly, perfectly wonderful pies in their own right are being judged in ridiculous comparison. How can one say that the meat pie isn’t as good as the rhubarb, which isn’t as good as the pizza pie? A chicken pot pie and a lemon merengue have nothing in common other than the word pie. Yet they are now thrust into the same high profile race.

To add insult to injury, a group of people who don’t even make pies determine which is best.

Oh, and then let’s get a bunch of cooks who made their specialized pies endlessly campaign during awards season against each other to try to win a trophy for something they created for completely different reasons.

Until all contestants are scoring the same movie, it really will be the difference between apple and orange pies.