I would like to point out something quite astonishing from last night’s John Williams concert (other than the music of course). Steven Spielberg was presenting during the second half of the concert and one of the segments featured showing the opening of Indiana Jones the last crusade WITHOUT music and then WITH the music. During the screening of the movie WITHOUT the music, Spielberg was actually mocking his own movie and commenting basically how ridiculous it looked. Then when they played the same sequence WITH the music, the genius was acknowledged (the kids reactions around me to this were priceless). Later on, when they showed the final sequence from ET, I was imagining how that scene would be without the music (comical) and how by this point Spielberg already KNEW what John’s music was going to add to the picture and filmed it accordingly. (These very long pauses where the music really takes over the emotional content). Somehow, during this whole exposition my respect for Williams grew even more since I realized not only has he revolutionized the craft of scoring for films, but he has deeply influenced filmmaking itself.