With the recent suicides of creative leaders like Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and a slew of others over the last few months and years (including composers & musicians), it’s time for the stigma to lift.

We all have brains (mental capacity), and like our bodies they need to stay healthy in order to thrive – hence the term MENTAL HEALTH. “No Brainer”!!!!

If you are experiencing severe depression or suicidal thoughts, please first call this number:


Then, despite your deepest darkest fear that people don’t love you or won’t care, call your closest friends and ask them for help. Or ask a stranger. Or post on social media some kind of warning and you will be surprised by who cares.

I’m pretty sure that at least 80% of composers have experienced at least some form of depression in their lives. I think that artistic souls experience this more deeply for various reasons. So know that you are not alone!

*This post isn’t about me, but know that I have had to face and deal with the darkness of depression in my life. I can go into specific strategies that have helped me through those tough periods, but we can save that for another time.