Richard’s most recent post has influenced me to finally post on here and maybe share a little about myself and my current journey as you could use it to maybe inspire you. I recently lost a very selfless and artistic friend to cancer. On his death bed he told me that there were things he regretted in life but if he ever got out of there he would turn it around. An incredible artist who no longer had use of his hands by the time I saw him. He never made it out of the there and passed away shortly after. I’ve since had what you could call a paradigm shift in life. I’ve realized how precious life is and how every single person has an immense and powerful gift to give the world lying deep inside them whether they know it or not! I began reading 4-5 books a week, writing every day, writing music every day.

The fuel I get in life is now purely off my friends succeeding and doing good and following their passions. I’ve got my mother to draw again, a friend to start working on his book, another to finally pick up his guitar. I decided to sell every material possession I own that isn’t musical and move across the country to pursue my dream of creating music but not only that I am also currently working on starting a non-profit that will help inner city art and music programs that desperately need it. I decided to start in my hometown of New Haven, CT but my goal is to make this spread across the country. The more I read posts from you all, the more I realize I am moving towards the right direction. I am only surrounding myself with forward thinkers who want to share ideas and inspire eachother while trying to make this world a better place because at the end of the day we are all just climbing this mountain together. Sorry for the long post but the vibe I got from this board was you guys don’t mind reading too much. Cheers!