***The following post is intended as satire. Don’t get all serious on me now ***

Have you noticed that every time you get first round client feedback, you go through a familiar emotional journey? While it gets easier with time, I don’t think we ever totally get over the fact that it feels like the music we’ve sent out is our precious baby, and we are aghast that anyone could not praise our children for being the most perfect and beautiful creations ever to grace this mundane terrestrial existence.

I realized recently that what we experience is actually the 5 Stages of Grief, rendered in miniature:

DENIAL – “What?!! They don’t think this is “working”? The tempo feels like it’s rushing the scene? Oh man.. Maybe they still have v2.5 lined up and not v3? Are they listening to temp?”

ANGER – “How DARE they! Pffft these idiots… what do they know about music! The theme is stunningly re-harmonized to perfectly fit the character development and the emotional arc of this scene! THOSE NEANDERTHALS!”

BARGAINING – “OK OK… lemme write them an email to sort this out… “Dear Sirs, clearly you were distracted while listening to my recently posted masterpiece… did you perhaps miss the wonderful contrapuntal melody over the gentle vomiting of our main character?”

DEPRESSION – “Oh man… they reiterated their points even after my amazing rebuttal… maybe they’re right? GOD do I even know who to write to picture? How could I have messed this up?! I can’t bear to re-write this cue again, can’t I just [… remaining statement unintelligible through mouthfuls of cream donut…]

ACCEPTANCE – “Huh… you know what, they actually had some good points there. This version 4 is actually pretty decent. Shuh… DECENT! I’m a friggin’ GENIUS! JUST WAIT TILL THEY HEAR THIS GODLIKE SONIC BRILLIANCE!!! THEY’RE GONNA [… remaining statement unintelligible through mouthfuls of cream donut…]

… and so the cycle begins again…