Short but interesting article on the often understated importance of patience in creative and other types of careers. The graphic alone captures a sentiment I have been trying to put into words for years. It’s certainly something I continue to work on daily.

The main difference between an established composer and a composer starting out is time. Time spent honing your craft, accumulating relationships, building experience and gaining knowledge through trial and error.

It’s not just about career ambition, though. Impatience can be a creative hurdle as well in which we sometimes become fixated more on the end result rather than the work it will take to get there. Wanting to write the most amazing piece you’ve ever written and forgetting that true inspiration isn’t always on time.

The best solution I’ve found to this is to always live in the moment and to focus on the work immediately in front of me. Sure, I keep my eye on the horizon and try to keep things in the pipeline both creatively and career-wise.
But staying focussed on the present keeps me from focussing too much on how long it will take to get to the next step and what it will take to get there. Those are things we have no control over and the more we focus on things we can’t control, the more prone we are to disappointment. Also, living in the future means we’ll never be content in the present.

How do you avoid falling into the impatience pit?