Over the last week my Facebook feed has been flooded with links to a 4-minute animated short, IN A HEARTBEAT.

In just a week, this YouTube sensation has had over 25 million views and captured a great deal of media attention including the NY Times.

In addition to being deeply touched by the film, I have become obsessed with its score by Arturo Cardelús.

I tracked down this young Spanish composer, now living in Pasadena, only to discover someone with a personality as engaging as his music.

Having now listened to more of his music, I have taken a huge leap of faith and am now working with Arturo based on this score and a number of other short films he’s done with equally great music.

The feedback I have already been receiving from music departments, music supervisors and filmmakers has been tremendous.

My favorite comment so far, “This is the greatest calling card a composer has ever had.”

I don’t have enough time and distance to have a real perspective of what this all means, but I suspect it will be something remarkable.

(I was truly surprised to discover the score to IN A HEARTBEAT was performed by only 3 musicians including Arturo on piano!)