I promised to share my brief acting experience with you all, after I went on set for the very first time last week and it was A BLAST!

Life on set is an exciting journey in comparison to our equally exciting one in the dark rooms. But I realized that there are a few traits that inspired me in actors (to be specific) and would like to implement them in my career as a composer: (personal a bit general):

1 Actors are extroverts: most actors have a very open personality and speak to everyone. They develop contacts, they also talk freely and openly about their journey and experiences, unsolicitedly.

2 They jump on opportunities: a renowned producer came to visit the set and after shooting, the actors were the first to go to him and introduce themselves and SCHMOOZE like no one else did. I was caught up in my own world until one actor grabbed me by the hand and introduced me to this producer.

3 They take care of their health: as they consider their looks their capital, it serves them well taking care of their bodies by going to the gym, eating healthy and hydrating. This affects their mental performance and their psychological being too!

4 They do not take anything personal: if you thought your director is being harsh on you with all those rewrites, try being an actor! OH MY GOD! Directors can be godzillas on set. I have (and other actors too) been yelled at by the director (who’s been a friend of mine for years) when I couldn’t control giggling at an improv line by the actor I was shooting with. I froze, and since then I kept a straight face and did the job as requested and more! While it’s fun to have bloopers sometimes, but it’s also money running out of budget when you waste those precious seconds not giving them what they need!

5 They audition and handle rejection: how many cold emails or calls do you send? How many auditions does an average actor do per week? I bet the math is in their favor.

I have more points that I have observed through my relationships with actors and meeting some on set, and I can go on forever about every single role in the crew and how they all had their special traits, just like we composers do.

Their lives as actors is not easy and super frustrating, for example I spent 4 hours on set, waiting for my scene, to say a few lines then go home. Then I came back two days later and shot for 5 hours straight.

I guess the highlight of this story is getting out of our bubbles every now and then and trying new things. This experience was not only fun and important, but it opened my eyes and mind so an abundance of opportunities in this world. And I don’t think I would mind doing it again