I think of my job as a marriage. I need to work on keeping that spark, that flame going, so I wouldn’t lose the main source of my happiness. But just like a marriage or any other relationship, I sometimes feel I’m losing that passion and drive, and this is when I need to do something about it!

I bet we all go through phases of complacency, taking our jobs for granted. You can feel lack of ambition, that burning desire is dying, and you just feel like you’re ready to move on..

This is exactly when you need to “spice things up” and get that fire burning again.

I came up with a few ideas that can help you get motivated and back in the game. Feel free to add your personal opinions and experiences, please:

1. Set the scene: Sometimes, minor details o your workplace, as simple as a candle, can shift the entire energy of the space. Remove clutter, clean around, buy a decorative miniature or add a plant..

2. Look elsewhere: No, not what this sounds like. But watching interviews of your role model(s), watching a movie, going to a concert, emailing your mentor, will probably help you get that flame back and feel that you should get off your @$$ and do something productive!

3. Cherish: Where were you a few weeks ago? A few years ago? What’s your story? How did you get where you are now? Reminding yourself of your achievements will boost your confidence and get you motivated to achieve more.

4. Look good: I am serious about this. Dress up! When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you act accordingly.

5. Don’t Take It For Granted: Be grateful you get to do what you do. If you don’t work hard to keep it, you will probably lose it sooner than you think. You’re not the only composer out there, and there will always be competition. Don’t feel safe, for every second you’re not getting proactive, someone else is!

6. Take a break: Allow yourself to miss writing, to miss your gear, miss your studio. Stay away for a while, if you can, and see how you feel about it later on!

7. Communicate: Share your feelings with people you trust or those who can relate. With composer friends, on this forum, etc.