I just came back from GDC with a large stack of biz cards, mostly from young composers. I’m going thru them and following up. Many biz cards have the email and all vital contact info in extremely small font, like 5 or 6. It’s literally microscopic!!!! It’s as big as a flea on the page! Or a molecule!! I have to stare for minutes to figure out letters and digits. It’s not fair for me to stare for minutes trying to figure out the contact info in every card.

Because I have 50 cards by young composers and they all will be happy to hear from me. And I have one hour for this! (It’s the hour I’m taking out of my beauty sleep to reply to young composers!) All of us musicians spend 15+ hours staring at screens, or sheet music since childhood. Please assume that most music folks (of some age that’s not 25) have some optical challenges. I’ve had 20/20 eagle vision all my life, until my mid-40’s when I became severely far-sighted. I wear very strong glasses for computer work and reading but I still think biz cards with extremely small font are inconsiderate to the recipient.

End of rant.