Working in the “post-truth” age

COMPOSERS (and everybody else):

Since we’re apparently living in a “post-truth age,” I’m wondering what your relationship with professional truthiness is? We’re nearly universally hurt/upset when we find out we’ve been deceived/had the truth withheld, yet there seems to be an acceptance that it’s a necessary part of the job. I’d love to hear points of view on this, though I acknowledge a public forum might not be where people come out and acknowledge truth-stretching, even though we all know it’s there.

I’d be very interested to hear the thoughts of anyone on the hiring/production side willing to chime in as well! How do you react when you discover chicanery?

A few possible contexts:

Schedule “conflicts”
Cue sheet/credit
I LOVE this movie!
“Technical Issues”
Compensation/Ability to pay

EDIT: A more specific question might be: How much of a role should it play in our professional arsenal of finding/keeping employment?