Assuming the world is not beating a path to your door showering you with the job opportunities you desire, you will probably have to join the ranks of most people who have to go out and seek work.

In many fields that involves tracking job postings, networking, sending in job applications, submitting resumes, researching companies, preparing for interviews, pitching, submitting samples, taking interviews, auditioning, getting references, and doing follow-up meetings.

This happens over and over again in the pursuit of being selected out of all the other folks applying for the same job.

It truly takes a lot of time and a lot of work to get work.

From the “time” aspect of this job hunting equation, composers have a huge advantage in that they can target specific jobs and create tailored music relatively quickly that can greatly improve their prospects of landing the gig.

Since media composers must be able to write and mock-up a few minutes of music every few hours, that ability is a great tool in the pursuit of work.

Devoting some of those hours or days towards creating and recording specific and targeted demos is almost nothing compared to the overall time typically required in obtaining work.

Additionally many composers find they are better at pitching themselves through their music than their words. For them, it is quicker and easier for them to write their music than to talk about it. While verbal communication skills are still required, composers can demonstrate a lot of their pitch through music.

Demos can be a huge factor is having you standout from the pile of applicants seeking the same job.

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