I have realized what I hate about the notion that commercial artists are at odds with all the other folks who are part of their team.

It takes a village to create films, tv shows and games. No one artist makes it all happen alone.

In these collaborative, complicated, multifaceted and highly expensive art forms there is no us vs them. There is only a we.

It is the result of all the people who build the puzzle, take the risks, and bring the dreams to fruition.

I really do respect and appreciate all the players involved in making media projects.

Some write scripts, some write checks, some write music.

Some edit, some develop, some design.

Some act, some direct, some supervise.

Some shoot, some market, some coordinate.

Some make costumes, some make sets, some make budgets.

Each brings their own expertise, experiences, sacrifices and hard work into those movies, programs and games that have been such a huge part of my life.

Thank you to everyone on those teams.