To be a successful composer, you should also be business-oriented, and think of every single thing around you as a business opportunity. A person doesn’t have to be a director or a producer to help you land jobs. Every person you meet, has crossed paths with you for a reason. There’s no coincidence in this universe, it is planned, and it is all planned in your favor.

My previous landlady was a hair stylist, and one of her clients was asking her if she knew any person who could promote her in the Arab community. Knowing that I speak Arabic, my landlady suggested me. I received a phonecall the next day, and the woman and I discussed promoting the event she is producing. One thing led to another, and I suggested she hires live musicians. The conversation stretched out, and I realized that she was a singer and a dancer. AND she is working on her album. AND she is looking for someone to help her orchestrate and produce the album. Guess who got the job?

Although I am working on my own album now, but I am also dedicating my energy for her project and doing it with love. The story doesn’t stop here, but I can’t share more details, YET. We are having incredible chemistry and are spending over 18 hours in the studio working on the music and developing ideas.

The moral is: I have met so many people who participated in my growth (on many aspects) in the most unusual ways. An Uber driver, a Monk, a personal trainer, a bar-tender.. And each one of those people has touched my life and being in their own way.

The reason I am posting this, and I am doing it “with love”, is to tell you to relax. Do not set your eyes on one target. There is an abundance of opportunities around you, for EVERYONE, just waiting to get picked like a fruit from a tree. Do not stress over getting a gig, because it will come. Give all the love you have for that low-budget short you’re working on. Do offer your help when you feel you can contribute to someone’s happiness (and make sure you feel good about it, and they won’t take advantage of you). DO work hard for it, do get hungry and hustle, but also believe that the future holds all the goodness you want and most importantly, deserve and are destined for. You will be rewarded, and it will all pay off sometime, somehow..

Now, I take off to where I love to be and I wish you all a wonderful day!