I was struggling with this a little bit this morning and it made me think of something Trevor Morris had said in another thread that sort of stuck with me. He said something along the lines of “You’re lucky if you get a couple cues worth sticking in your reel sometimes” in reference to working on uninspiring projects and how film music is sometimes limited by the film that it accompanies (Sorry if I’m misquoting you Trevor….I couldn’t seem to find the original thread).

In my case, it wasn’t even that the project is bad, its just that the scene I was scoring is completely uninspiring, everything is just competently generic. The thing I’m struggling with is I want the music to be great and to say something but it just doesn’t feel like the scene can take anything other then something similarly generic…

My question being, what do other composers do in this situation? Write the music that fits best in the scene and move on? Or is it worth continuing to hack away until something that speaks more presents itself?