After exploring the wonders of bullshit, I wanted to reflect on another favorite subject, sincerity.

Kindness, fairness, support, and charity are among the very characteristics that compelled me towards a life in show business.

The big-hearted characters and their graceful actions that inhabit this bountiful field are among the very reasons I wanted to join this community in the first place.

Give me a kindred kind and big-hearted mensch and we are up all night celebrating each others’ achievements, encouraging one another, lending an ear and sharing dreams. These are the earmarks of a night well spent with my fellow kind souls on Sincerity Boulevard.

Honestly, if I didn’t love the “Hollywood” of Dreamers , why bother to move to Hollywood in the first place?

Make no mistake about it, Hollywood is a place for dreamers.

It’s an enchanted forest filled with awe and wonder A graceful and enticing and bountiful land where dreams really can come true.

Care. Heart. Hope. Random acts of kindness. Mentors and nurturers. Collaborators and comrades. Support and sweetness. Paying it forward. Dreamers and doers. High hopes and helping hands. Straight shooters and solid sounding boards. Adventurers and explorers. Backers and pats on the back while having your back. Trust and dependability. Good eggs and great heroes. Bliss and beauty. Honest actions and honest opinions. Guidance and grace. Encouragers and investors. Fairness and frankness. Loyalty and longevity. Believers and boosters. Fountains of creativity. Words of wisdom and words of advice. Giving a chance and getting a break. Handshake deals and honest dealings. First shots and second chances. Volunteers and validation. Optimism and opportunities. Hard work and hardy play. Cooperation and constructive criticism. Risks and rewards. Rolling up sleeves and pitching in. Colleagues and community. Recommendations. Let’s put on a show and the show must go on. Those who vouch for you. Characters with character.

Round and round it goes. ‘Cause there’s no business like show business.

It should come as little surprise that one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland is IT’S A SMALL WORLD. People from around the world come together to share theirs hopes and their fears while realizing a smile means friendship to everyone.


For me, it is as real as Hollywood Bullshit. And the two can coexist in a complex and multidimensional world.

Sincerity is precisely what I love to luxuriate in. The glow of it lures me. The fellowship compels me. The lilt of the showbiz choir is the flowing lullaby that soothes me to sleep.

Send in the angels. They’re already here.