I have been wanting to post something on this forum about female composers for awhile now.

I have been a Composer for all of my life. Its the only thing I have ever wanted to do. When I started out people told me it was going to be really hard and I wouldn’t get hired. I was determined to prove them wrong!

For many years most doors were shut to me. A few Women film makers hired me and a handful of men.

I then found success in Scoring for Tv Commercials. I was able to excel I believe, because the people approving the tracks didn’t know who was composing (we are anonymous in advertising)

They didn’t know I was a Woman.

I won awards for my work when Dark and Moody was the high end style. You see, I am a Dark Composer. I like to get under the skin and turn your emotional landscape.I love to make you feel something you never could speak.

Women are masterful at shifting and commanding the emotional landscape, and so are Composers.

So why are we not hired more?

I would love to hear other Women Composer’s speak about their experiences.

I would love to hear from the guys too.

How can we change this?

How can we become visible?

How can we shift the paradigm?