The Worldwide Executive and President of Music at the world’s largest video game company recently did an interview on this Forum.

Six people, most of whom already knew him, bothered to respond.

Here is a community of composers, many of which are in or want to join the video game music industry and they couldn’t somehow figure out how to reach out and communicate, even via something as simple as social media, with the very type of person they should want to connect with and be known by.

With only one or two exceptions:

No questions.
No comments.
No thank you’s.

Wouldn’t it occur to a composer that this music executive would have likely read the comments on his own interview?

What a missed opportunity to make an impression, to engage, to be seen and to be heard.

The ability to seize on this sort of opportunity isn’t limited by gender or race or bank accounts or age or location or education or connections. Missing these sorts of opportunities is simply a self-inflicted error.

I strongly recommend the members of this Forum seriously interested in increasing their opportunities take advantage of the opportunities provided here.