Yesterday, I MISSED A DEADLINE! It was more dramatic than my CAPS here. The first time I ever miss a deadline in my humble 8 year career. I have no clue why or how that happened, it just did. And I blame no-one for it but “Ghiya”.

Being very hard on myself and always anxious about my career and stuff, I collapsed. Started calling myself names: “unreliable, unprofessional, spoiled brat, stupid, extremely careless, maybe this is not your thing, good job idiot..” You name it. And I couldn’t do anything else afterwards. Then this morning I read Richard Kraft’s post about “Missing Opportunities” and was like: “Great, here you go again Ghiya”. (I’m not sure if I saw that missed post or not honestly).

Anyway, the moment of truth came to me when I called a friend and told him how I’m feeling. He is an accountant back home. So he wouldn’t know much about what I’m telling him. But he gave me a rather good advice: “Relax, it happens, don’t be hard on yourself”.

The amount of competition in our industry is fierce, everyone loves what they do and wants to make it big. There are hundreds and thousands of networking events, database sheets to contact, music to make, forums to join, festivals to apply for.. and that can be quite overwhelming.

What I am personally trying to practice (and this may not necessarily work with everyone), is that I am a humanbeing who makes mistakes, misses opportunities sometimes, and does stupid things. It’s part of my learning process. And as I take responsibility for my actions and well being, I now should make the best of all that I learn, whether through my mistakes, through learning, or this great forum.

I will continue evaluating and reviewing my actions, but I promised myself I’ll be easier on Ghiya yet be a better coach for her!