Composers reaching out to fellow composers can be great and rewarding for a number of reasons including comradery, support, and potential employment opportunities such as assisting, ghost writing, composing additional music and recommendations.

Fellow composers are among the most accessible, empathetic, relatable and open people out there, making outreach to them and engagement with them relatively easy.

That also makes them low hanging fruit.

The relative ease in obtaining this can often lead to a complacency that makes some composers less compelled to extend the more strenuous efforts of reach up for the higher hanging fruit of filmmakers, producers, directors, music supervisors, and studios.

When I ask composers what they are doing to advance their careers the answers tend to be:

1. Working on my music (with no reference to reaching out to others).

2. Reaching out and connecting to fellow composers.

3. Reaching out and connecting to people making projects and hiring composers.

My ears tend to prick up when I hear from composers willing to climb out of their comfort zone and up into those higher branches.

Those are a much rarer breed.