When you send out your music, make sure your files have proper metadata. At a bare minimum the track name, artist name (you) and album name. If it’s a demo you can use the album field to put in “demo” or something specific like “Star Wars XII Demo Reel” – who here will be scoring Star Wars XII? 

When I receive files, I put them into my chosen media player (in my case Swinsian) and listen there. If there is no metadata in the files then no information shows up and I don’t know what I’m listening to, nor how to find it again if I want to search for it so I simply delete it.

If you’re working with MP3s and want to get fancy, you can add additional useful information in the Grouping or Comments fields. But have the bare essentials in there if you want me (or any music supervisor for that matter) to listen to it.


Naming ZIP files:

A bunch of folks here have contacted me and sent me music. Often .zip files, which is fine, but consider how you name your .zip files.

“Tracks for” or “Music for” or worse “” aren’t very good names. When I download a handful of these from different people so I can listen later, these names tell me nothing about what I’m listening to.

“Your Name Composer” or “Your Name” or “Your Name Tracks for” is much better – I can see immediately who it’s from and what it is.

And if you’re ever pitching for something specific – be it songs to license for a specific scene or a demo for a specific project – Your Name Composer Demo for Specific” or “Your Name Songs for Scene from” are great ways to name your .zip files.

Whenever you send anything out to anyone – think of what they will see and how to help them keep organized and make it easy for them to find YOUR material. If your files are well labeled they are easy to find, and it is much appreciated by people like me who are sent music all the time. It’s also your first impression – if your files are well labeled you’re making a good impression before I even listen to a single note of your work.