How to do something scary:

Doing the media composer thing involves a lot of moving parts: composing, tech stuff, self-promotion, time-management, learning new things, patience, persistence, TALKING TO OTHER HUMANS. If there’s someone who is a natural genius and willing to put in the hours on these things, they’re going to get far! For most of us, we excel at some of these things, and some are scary; they involve a skill we’re not good at.

Here’s how I deal with scary tasks: I commit to doing them for an hour. Going to a networking event? Commit to an hour…after that, I can go home, guilt-free. Of course, once I’m there, I usually have fun and stay until the end…it’s the getting there that’s scary. The one hour rule says, successful or embarrassed, I can leave after one hour.

Need to shore up my website but have zero confidence I can do it? Commit to one hour of working on it.

Need to compose but don’t know where to start? Commit to an hour of studio time, no interruptions.