I don’t have the stats, but if I were to estimate how many successful projects I’ve had that were a result of being contactable at all hours, I’d say 75% of my food-on-the-table-paying gigs.

I cannot emphasise enough to composer friends who want work: Be available. Especially if you (like me) are in a greatly different timezone to your clients.

Heart-warming example tonight when a regular client in New Mexico, a film production co that works on ad agency mandates, knew they could call me at my 11pm for an emergency job that had to be available for video edit tomorrow, reached me, briefed me, and in 2 hours had 7 versions back and forth via Skype and done. (Well final rough cut kind of done but good enough for the end client demo.)

Being available, and being known to be available, is of great value to me, hope this is relatable.