When selecting music for perspective customers make sure it is compelling, entertaining, interesting and makes its point in its first 24 seconds.

Music submitted to get work is a commercial for you and your music. It needs to grab the attention of the listener and make them want to hear more.

I used this test with my students at USC. I would play the first 24 seconds of demos that had been submitted to me. We would then vote who wanted to hear more. There was never a split vote. It was unanimously a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

Decision makers don’t have endless time to plow through submitted music. If you are lucky enough to get your music listened to, MAKE AN IMPRESSION with every track. And make it within the first 24 seconds.

We all know how to use the NEXT and STOP buttons on our players. Don’t set yourself up to be dismissed.

BTW, there are LOTS of ways to get attention in a short amount of time. Bombast isn’t the only path.

I will be posting some great cues that make their point with that first 24 seconds.