My 2 cents worth on assigning value to what we do.

I view the value of the job (separate from our own value) as a little Triangle, you move the ball around in space until it lands in the denomination of my 3 criteria:


#1 will I make a lot of money?

#2 is it a huge relationship builder?

#3 does it offer enormous creative opportunity?


Every job I consider or take goes through this filter. In a perfect world all 3 would be hit. In another reality, it would fall firmly in one of the three areas. But in reality it’s a 3-dimensional space where the ball lands about “there”. And from that, you decide to take the gig or not. And full circle to this thread, you take YOUR value, again separate from the gig, and apply it to where the triangle equation landed. And then you choose, and hopefully choose wisely. Its not a perfect system, but it gives you a framework on how to approach the subject of the gig that is presented to you.

Hope it helps,