Really? Why are you here?

I feel life becomes much clearer and decisions much simpler to make when there is clarity on what our purpose is.

When I was confronted with that question a few years ago I dug deep into my soul. I tuned out all the chatter about “goals”, “wants” and “needs”.

Why am I really here?

Here is what I came up for myself:

My purpose is to be of service to others, especially artists and to those who struggle.

My purpose is to use my gift of “uncluttering” to help others find paths to tiding up their fears and confusions and support them in reconnecting with their own true selves.

My purpose is to entertain young people through film, music and theatre and other media with uplifting and inspiring stories and experiences.

My purpose is to joyously celebrate being alive.

I also know my purpose is not to make money.

It is not really my money or my gifts to begin with, anyway.

They belong to the Universe and they are simply flowing through me.

And I have an endless supply to give.

Niagara Falls doesn’t limit its relentless and enormous outpouring of water by questioning “from where does my water come?”

It comes from the Universe and those Falls knows they will constantly be replenished.

Niagara Falls purpose is to LET IT FLOW.