My next industry trend prediction to discuss centers around opportunities.

The has NEVER been a time with more opportunities for media composers. And those opportunities are just going to expand in the future.

The amount of media content is increasing and therefore the amount of music needed for that content will just keep growing.

  • Films with theatrical distribution
  • Film Festival movies
  • Independent films
  • Streaming films
  • Internet films
  • Shorts
  • Cable TV
  • Streaming TV
  • Internet content
  • Podcasts
  • Audio Books
  • Music Libraries
  • Games
  • Mobile Games
  • Phone Apps
  • Theme Park Music
  • Theatrical Music
  • Live Performance of Media Music
  • Virtual Reality.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Almost everything being made needs music.

That is the great news.

However, it is worth also noting that very little of this onslaught will probably be budgeted with much allocated towards score music.

Making a living for many will involve the ability to cobble together a number of small fee jobs over a wide volume of work.

Composers set up to take on lots of jobs will be the ones best set up to take on more of these opportunities.