Here is my next prediction for a future trend in our industry for further discussion:

The current trend toward multi-disciplined composers will be become even more the norm.

Composers with rich backgrounds as composers, artists, instrumentalists, producers, songwriters and content creators will be even most cherished. Those who with a wide musical vocabulary will be most highly sought.

Additionally, it will become even more common for composers to be crossing over from one medium to another.

In the future, composers will be finding endless options such as composing for;

  • film
  • stage
  • theme park
  • live performance
  • a dance piece
  • a music video
  • a phone app
  • an art installation
  • the concert stage
  • a YouTube video
  • a podcast
  • an opera
  • a planetarium show
  • a ballet
  • an audio book
  • a commercial

Or for things none of us have even yet imagined.

The lines between being one “type” of composer will become even more blurred. Jumping back and forth between films, tv, theatre, live performance and games will have no stigma and will actually be even more appreciated and rewarded.

Those who have wide imaginations and love diversity of challenges will thrive as they continually enter new frontiers.

Those who can adapt well to the unknown, the unproven and the unstructured will succeed.