It goes under several names: The Eeyore Syndrome , The Debby Downer Dilemma or the Energy Vampire Plague.

They all describe the style of those who dump a tepid bucket of sad sack humdrum onto every situation , leaving everyone they come in contact feeling depleted.

The can find a cloud in every silver lining.

They rattle off endless killjoy tales of their woes and suffering.

Everything always goes wrong.

They are always being ripped-off or neglected or not given a fair shot or a fair break or a fair acknowledgement. They carry around and show off old rejections like they are priceless bars of gold.

To them it isn’t whether the glass is half empty or full. It is they never even get a glass. Or they once caught a disease drinking from one. Or why bother to have glasses, since they inevitably break and someone is going to exploit them with the remaining shards.

They chime in quickly with horror stories from the past. They carry grudges. They lug around old chips on their shoulders assuming no one can see those giant boulders.

The Internet has given them a platform to spread their misery.

Cynicism and snark become vessels to disseminate their sour thoughts and feelings.

The are living in a mindset expecting disaster and almost relish in it when it occurs because it somehow proves them right.

All these negative thoughts and actions manifest negative results.

No one wants to really be around them. Opportunities fade further away because their energy repels it.

Their lives become a self-fulfilling prophesy of doom and gloom.

We ALL have fears and doubts. But they do not need to be the defining characteristics we display and convey to the world.

Struggling with worries, doubts, fears, depression? GET HELP! Those things can be scary and debilitating.

Careers are hard enough to pull off when you are in a positive zone.

If you have become a walking/talking/acting/reacting embodiment of the quintessential mopester, your are basically sabotaging your own potential to better your life and situations.

Turn to those who excite you for inspiration.

Whenever I reminisce about certain industry folks like Michael Giacchino, John Debney, Alan Silvestri, Bear McCreary, Hans Zimmer, Tim Simonec, Mitchell Leib, Dawn Soler and Georges Delerue I realize how uplifted I am just thinking about their life-affirming spirits.

Figure out how to train yourself to be an embodiment of love/abundance not lack/fear.

Don’t live a life that would be scored with an ever-repeating trombone “wah-wah.”