On my favorite television programs SHARK TANK the investors hearing about new products and services keep asking “What problem are you solving?”

You could have the greatest juice box holder (from a recent episode) but what problem of a parent does that really address that would make them stop just buying and using juice boxes as they exist?

A perfect example of this exists with AFM musicians in Los Angeles: What problems are Marvel, DreamWorks Animation and the Weinstein Company having that recording in LA (at a much higher total price) would solve?

What problem do L.A. Musician solve for Harvey Weinstein who has Oscar-winning scores to THE HATEFUL EIGHT, THE ARTIST, FINDING NEVERLAND, FRIDA, SHAKESPHERE IN LOVE, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, EMMA, THE ENGLISH PATIENT and THE POSTMAN all of which were recorded around the world and NONE of them in Los Angeles?

Do you think Harvey Weinstein spends a moment of his life watching his scores win Oscar after Oscar and think, boy something is really broken here?


What would he think is wrong with his current system of scoring films outside of L.A. that he would think needs fixing?

Same for Marvel. What problem are they having with their scores to blockbuster after blockbuster recorded with the British Musicians Union? What problem do they have that recording AFM would solve for them?

It is fairly easy to see the folly of the AFM’s approach of not properly identifying real producer’s problems and offering them meaningful solutions.


As a composer, what real problems of producers, filmmakers, studios, and music supervisors are you uniquely solving for them?

Love to hear your thoughts.