Another prediction of future trends to discuss in more detail:

There will be an even greater increase in the demand for composers coming out of other music disciplines.

Conversely, there will be a decrease in demand for those who are “just” media music composers.

Artists like Johnny Greenwood, Trent Reznor and members of groups like Daft Punk, Portishead and Arcade Fire are getting more interest and attention in scoring films nowadays.

Crossing over to films is appealing to artists as it gives them a different creative outlet.

The barriers of intimidation to them of tackling a film score are crumbling.

Technology has made access into the logistics easier. There are fellow composers with more experience in this field wanting to help and support them. Styles of film scoring are much less limited and more conducive to their sensibilities.

Filmmakers are often huge music fans. Producers and studios are more open than ever in letting “outsiders” score their films.

What are your thoughts?