There were two sisters who grew up in the Valley who LOVED music. Hendra leaned towards rock and Roza adored classical. Both were skillful in performing at an early age.

Hendra started a band, AQUABELLES, out of her garage with three of her friends and two other musicians they discovered from word of mouth and on the Internet. And like so many other new bands, they got together and practiced 4 or 5 times a week and started to get pretty good.

Roza started her own group, WHY NOT?, by gather together 25 of her fellow orchestral musicians and finding another 25 from their friends and on the net. They got together at one of the member’s mom’s warehouse 4 or 5 times a week and also started to shine.

Within Hendra’s band there was a woman who is also a great photographer. Another was dating an editor. A third knew someone who was an engineer. Together they start making videos of the band. They do original songs and covers and make sure they post a new video at least once every few weeks. They get pretty good at promoting their social media presence.

Roza’s group does the same. And since there are so many members with so many skills and with a network of talent friends, they make even more elaborate videos of new music and covers of classic scores and movie soundtracks. Lots of amazing content of orchestral musicians making amazing music in elaborate settings with great costumes and visual storytelling. And everyone in the group chips in towards promoting the group.

Hendra’s band, AQUABELLES start performing all around town in whatever venues they can to get live experience and start building a local following.

Roza’s orchestra, WHY NOT? does the same, performing as part of shows that would normally not even have an orchestra, collaborating with rock bands and doing charity events and shows and live to picture movie events that they put together themselves.

At this point no one in either sister’s group is making any money. They all have other jobs to support themselves or dig themselves deep into debt. Everyone believes they are going to make it, so they are willing to make tons of scarifies to pursue that dream, to make that investment, to gamble on their own success.

Along the way both Hendra and Roza’s groups have struggles, including losing and replacing members. Lots of egos and infights and logistical problems and dealing with jerks and sleezeballs and all the other obstacles that come in the way of running a band or being in show biz.

On the one hand, Roza’s orchestra is more of a beast to control since it is so much larger. On the other hand there are so many more resources within the group to share responsibilities and tackle bigger projects. They are a collective with lots of talent and combined resources and Roza knows how to pull it all together.

Hendra has plenty of other struggling bands to compare to and learn from. Roza’s orchestra approach is more unique, but she just keeps thinking she is basically doing what Hendra and every struggling band has done throughout time, just on a different size and scale.

Well, in both cases the sisters start having some success. They have built up followings and each have a few videos that have gone viral.

Both get to the point where they have grabbed the attention of managers who work with them at taking them to the next level. Still no one is making much money, and whatever anyone make is plowed right back into the bands.

It’s still pretty much lives filled with Top Ramen and Visa debt.

With marketing and promotion they end up doing some touring and putting out more videos and recordings.

Hendra’s band ends up with a song in a cool indie film because it found its way into the hands of the right music supervisor. Roza’s orchestra gets to perform on the score to the same movie because one of the members is a composer.

From the success of that movie, Hendra’s band is off and running. And Roza’s orchestra, WHY NOT? starts performing on more and more film scores, TV Shows, Video Games and commercials until it becomes the first brand name, independent orchestra known for soundtracks.

Their lives are now filled with TV appearances, festival bookings, amazing live shows, amazing collaborations with other artists and huge fan followings. Their groups are now each in a position to be making lots of money.

Hendra and Roza and the members of their groups have all manifested their own successes. They are now all living the dream of every musician who wanted to put together a band and make it big.

And Roza realizes she created a whole different path for orchestral musicians to have careers in media music.