What do we do when we have passions, interests and talents different, deeper and wider than those that are being currently being utilized?

For me, I have a really wonderful career representing composers that I adore. I would never ever want to give that up.


I also have additional interests and passions.

I have creative desires that I want to express. And I have talents of my own which I wish to explore and share.

I really don’t expect someone else to perceive me as a writer, producer or director based on my past accomplishments in those areas.

Though I have sold some scripts and produced some projects and directed some small productions, I have no delusions. They have not been significant enough for me to expect someone to hand me the keys to their project and hire me to write, produce or direct it.

There are far too many other proven folks in those fields to make be a viable candidate.

So, do I bash my head against the wall trying to convince others to take a leap of faith on my behalf. Do I keep hoping someone else is going to be giving me an opportunity to try something outside of how I am currently perceived?


Do I elect to do nothing other than feeling frustrated and resentful about being stuck with a lack of opportunities for personal growth and/or expression?


Do I decide to risk taking the initiative, digging in and just doing it myself?

I chose the latter.

A few weeks ago I got an itch to do something creative in reaction to my political passions. I came up with an idea for a music video I wanted to direct.

It was a decision to invest into my own growth.

Once that decision was made, every thing needed to pull it off followed.

And now I have something to share that I created.