One of the most common traps that gets in the way of media composers is self-delusion, especially about where they are in their scoring career.

While you may think you are fairly accomplished and experienced in that field, is that really true?

Try looking at it from the perspective of credits.

Go to IMDB and see exactly how many feature films, tv series and/or video games you have listed as having scored.

  • What number do you think counts as “accomplished and experienced?”
  • What number do you think the outside world counts as accomplished and experienced?
  • In what medium are your credits?
  • What level of industry and public recognition have those projects yielded?
  • How solid is your roster of returning customers?
  • How well-known are you really in your industry?

Many, many people think they have done a lot and already “paid their dues” as media composers when the reality is they haven’t yet achieved that.

What are your thoughts on this?