Enthusiasm is a super power that can turbo boost you through a lot of challenging career headwinds.  It can motivate extra efforts, blaze past doubts, create momentum.

And enthusiasm is a gift you can give yourself.  Sometimes it comes naturally and often it is something you elect to activate within yourself, even if you aren’t initially feeling it.  You really can fake it to make it.


You are powerful enough to generate interest towards people and projects. You can create passion towards your work and deadlines. You can kindle gusto towards your creative expressions even when that spark, at first, starts off dim.   You can do all of this with enthusiasm, whether initially genuine or with a little false cup of zeal to prime the pump. 


Another great thing about enthusiasm is that it is a highly infectious gift you can give to others.  Eager and intense excitement is a super spreader that positively infects and influences your team and your collaborators. 

I can not tell you how often I have been drawn to clients, buyers, collaborators, and projects in which there has been very little else initially apparent other than a whirlwind of enthusiasm.

Never underestimate the power of enthusiasm.