Around this time each year I have been blessed to direct live shows at the Hollywood Bowl based on some of my favorite films. Like so many things, Covid ended that.  I recently discovered that in 1981 there was a sci-fi/rock band that lasted for one summer on the Tomorrowland Space Stage at Disneyland (Mike Post was its music producer).
A fantastic feature documentary, LIVE FROM THE SPACE STAGE: A HALYX STORY chronicled the goofy, passionate world of dreamers who put on a nutty show. It also explores hopes and dreams, those realized and otherwise.
Just because things don’t work out the way we want or are used to, it doesn’t mean we can’t still play and create.  All of this inspired me to gather my own ragtag group of artists (many whom work on our Bowl shows) to put together a Halyx Tribute Band and make our own gonzo music video.
We did this just for the fun of it. And as a tribute to all the fools who dream, even if it is just fleeting.  Hope you enjoy!