About a month ago amidst the nightmares of 2020, I stumbled across an extraordinarily interesting feature documentary, LIVE FROM THE SPACE STAGE: A HALYX STORY on YouTube.  It chronicles the odd history of an obscure, largely forgotten, sci-fi, rock band– sorta Star Wars meets Kiss– that played in Tomorrowland at Disneyland for three months in 1981 with Mike Post as its Music Producer.

Obsessively, I tracked down the filmmakers Kevin Perjurer and Matthew Serrano and endlessly gushed with well-deserved praise.  I discovered that sadly, because of the pandemic, these great talents never got their shot of showing their film at festivals or any public screenings.


Teaming up with a ragtag bunch of like-minded, fun-seeking friends, we decided to give this film and its message of pursuing dreams (both realized and broken) its moment of cinematic glory.

So we booked a pop-up drive-in near Disneyland for a World Premiere Screening!  We decided it would be a free event with a suggested charity donation.

Getting caught up on the giddy excitement of putting on this show, we also created a virtual reunion of the band’s original members and crew.  And to top it off, we assembled a Halyx tribute band, HAIL HALIX, and fabricated a 1980’s-style music video to screen at the premiere.


We all came together to support these talented filmmakers and shine a light on their accomplishments.  In literally putting the band together, concocting the various creative elements, and putting on a show, our merry little troupe of artistic friends got to experience the joy of collaborating and creating together just for the fun of it.


And, speaking just for myself, I got to carve out some time each day to escape the bombardment of news of doom and gloom by slipping into the playground of creativity and comradery.

Tickets for our free event went live this morning and were gone within minutes.  So deeply appreciate that the soul of a defunct rock band from 40 years ago and the spirit of some passionate filmmakers will get to be celebrated.

Here is a link to the documentary: