Like many other soundtrack collectors, I also found myself collecting movie posters.  Film composers and poster illustrators both reinterpret the movie through the unique prism of their creative contributions.  Robert Townson even had the vision to explore the interplay between art and music when he projected the great movie poster illustrator DREW STRUZAN’s work in a live concert with their accompanying scores.


I grew up escaping into the artwork on the covers of my favorite soundtrack albums and graduated to collecting the movie posters to many of my favorites.  Eventually, I started noticing the signatures within the art of some of the best including BOB PEAK, RICHARD AMSEL, SAUL BASS, TOM JUNG, THE HILDEBRANT BROS., ROBERT McGINNIS, JACK DAVIS, FRANK McCARTHY, AL HIRSCHFELD, DREW STRUZAN and JOHN ALVIN.  


Ok, until three weeks ago I had never even heard of HAYLX, a “Kiss Meets Star Wars” Sci-Fi band from one summer in Tomorrowland in Disneyland in 1981 (with music produced by MIKE POST!!)  Then I saw a great documentary about them, and have been obsessed ever since.  During the film they mentioned the artwork for the HALYX promo poster was done by “a Hollywood movie poster artist.”  I did some research and discover it was the legendary JOHN ALVIN (ET, BLADE RUNNER, BLAZING SADDLES, THE LITTLE MERMAID and tons of other classics).

I had met John a few years ago hoping to commission him for something.  He passed before that could happen.  When I discovered the HAYLX/John Alvin connection, I reached out to his widow.  Andrea Alvin (a great artist in her own right) and found out she still had the original HAYLX painting!  We worked things out, and this beauty is now heading to the walls of my home!


One of the best things I have discovered along life is that there is so much to be passionate about. The love of a movie can lead to discoveries about its composer.  Those explorations can lead to an appreciation of art, cinematography, editing, acting, directing, effects, production design, costumes.


Here is a link to the HALYX documentary