Prior to the Sherman Bros. becoming THE Sherman Bros. of MARY POPPINS, ITS A SMALL WORLD, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG and almost all of the Disney’s 1960’s Songbook, they were two struggling guys being challenged by their songwriter father:

“I’ll bet you two guys couldn’t pool your talents and come up with a song that some kid would give up his lunch money to buy.”

And with that taunt he profoundly defined an important measurement of the value to their music.

It wasn’t what they thought they were worth.  It wasn’t what they thought they were entitled to.  It wasn’t how a bunch of pithy memes thought it was worth (or whatever the equivalent of memes were in 1951).  It was pretty much all boiled down to being about what the market, a bunch of kids, determining if it was worth spending their lunch money on.

(The resulting song, “Gold Can Buy You Anything But Love”, was recorded by Gene Autry and played daily on his radio show and kickstarted their legendary career)